Most people are curious how our paella events work. Following are some of the most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered here.

  • Do you require a minimum number of guests? Is there a maximum number you can handle? 
    The great thing about paella is it can be adapted to fit a very large crowd or a smaller group. 
  • Will Gerard be the chef at my event? 
    We try our best to accommodate the many requests for Gerard, but he cannot be at all of our events. His time is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis so if it is important to you to have Gerard at your event, please book early to have the best chance of having Gerard personally cook for you. But please be assured that whether Gerard or one of our other extraordinary chefs cook for your event, you will receive the same excellent food and service we are known for.
  • Where is the cooking done? 
    The cooking is done onsite. We bring everything needed to set-up our own "kitchen" so we can prepare, cook and serve everything fresh at your event. We also must cook outdoors as we use propane burners.
  • How is the meal served? 
    We typically serve tapas family-style (platters of tapas on the tables) and the paella meal buffet-style where people come up to the paella pans to fill their plates. People love to walk up to the pans where they can see the process in action and ask questions. If you prefer a sit-down meal, we can provide this for you as well. Just let us know your preferences.
  • What type of events do you cater? 
    We do everything from the most casual backyard gatherings to high-end weddings and corporate events. We can serve the food any way you'd like, from family or buffet-style to passed tapas and a sit-down meal.
  • How far do you travel for events? 
    We travel coast to coast! Depending on where we're going, there is usually a travel fee involved which we are happy to discuss before you book your event.
  • What staff do you provide? 
    Our quote includes all staff necessary to prepare, cook and serve the meal buffet-style. The exact number of staff provided depends on the number of guests and the menu you select. Once we have more information about your event, we can be more specific about the staff we will provide.
  • Can you provide additional staff to help me at my event?
    Yes. We can provide extra staff to help you with whatever you need  from set-up, service, bartending, bussing tables to breaking everything down at the end of the night. 
    The charge for additional staff is $40 an hour for each additional service staff with a 5 hour minimum.  Bartenders are $45 an hour for each additional bartender with a 5 hour minimum.
  • How much space do you need? 
    That depends on the size of your event. Typically for events with 25 to 75 people we need a minimum of 15' x 15' to set up our 'kitchen'.