What out customers are saying...


I love Gerard's Paella - Paella is one of my favorite dishes in the world. I have experienced many paella in Spain, from Madrid to Barcelona, and Marbella and Ibiza which were amazing.  I must say that Gerard's Paella is definitely on par or even better than the best paella I've had in Spain. The only problem is that each time I eat way too much.  But I love it so much.
Thank You Thank You Gerard!

-Maurice Marciano (Owner, Guess, Los Angeles)

Just returned from a Birthday Party where Gerard catered the meal...  and what a delicious meal it was!  The paella was slightly spicy, loaded with chicken and shrimp, the rice was moist and some was slightly crispy from the goodness at the bottom of the pan...  it was just downright delicious...  I couldn't stop eating it! And Gerard is really good people too...  I have an allergy to shellfish, and I mentioned that to him, so he made sure that I had a big plate of paella without the shrimp!  Thanks Gerard!  I hope I get an opportunity to enjoy Gerard's Paella again soon!

-Mike K., San Bruno

We had the pleasure of trying Gerard's Paella at a winery event last weekend. It was fantastic! Normally I am not much for paella. I don't really like rice and it's usually dry and loaded with saffron (which again, I don't really like). But this had just a hint and had a host of other fresh ingredients and lovely spices- like paprika, which I love- that really came through.
The winery owners picked some fresh mushrooms that morning so the Paella Chefs whipped up another lovely rice-based dish in the pizza oven that show cased the fungi as well as fresh asparagus and other goodies.
Everything they made was all so visually appealing too. It was a treat to visit with them and taste their creations!                        

-Andrea K. 

I can't think how anyone would consider anything other than your wonderful paella for an event in an outdoor setting. While many of us have savored good paellas, yours is in a class by itself. (I had leftovers for the next two days with great pleasure!) Thank you for making us look so good in our hosts role, everyone felt very special and haven't stopped praising the paella and it's stunning presentation. (Who would think that this was once just simple food for hard-working people). I know how difficult it must be to handle and time everything involved to make it all work so well. Congratulations and thanks again for a wonderful experience. 

-Carlos (Chairman and CEO of Corona)

We are huge fans of the entire operation at Gerard's Paella, starting with Gerard himself with his focus on quality, and all of his outstanding chefs.  He has made our annual Paella Weekend a huge, sold-out, two-day event that our customers continually ask about throughout the year. Of course we have a wide choice of caterers, but we always come back to Gerard's because it stands out from the rest.  Their food is spectacular, and even more, they provide an entire sensory experience that tells a story. Most importantly, the people are a joy to work with. I look forward to many more successful events with the help of the team at Gerard's!

-Stephanie (Dashe Cellars, Oakland, CA)